The perfect shape of our passion

Our racing bikes are designed to give every cyclist the best performance a prick can give, thanks to the professional experience accumulated over the years by Carrera men, continuous bike testing and advanced technological research. Probics are not only of the highest quality to be shown, perfect representatives of the Italian style in the World.

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The factory of ideas

"We help all cyclists, professionals and amateurs to find their way, allowing each one to choose how to live and how to ride. Each of our racing bikes can challenge their limits and achieve their goal by experiencing the joy of winning whatever the race is. "(Davide Boifava, CEO Podium for CARRERA)

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The best is yet to come

1969-1978 Davide Boifava 1979-1985 Giovanni Battaglin
1979-1994 Bruno Leali 1981-1995 Guido Bontempi
1982-1996 Davide Cassani 1982-1994 Erich Maechler
1983-1990 Roberto Visentini 1983-1992 Urs Zimmermann
1985 Team Carrera Crono Tour de France 1985-1995 Massimo Ghirotto
1985-1999 Claudio Chiappucci 1986-1993 Stephen Roche
1990-2005 Gianluca Bortolami 1992-2003 Marco Pantani
1992-2004 Michele Bartoli 1994-2009 Daniele Nardello
1997-2008 Paolo Bettini 1997-2013 Stefano Garzelli
1999-2015 Ivan Basso 2014-2016 Domenico Passuello
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Carrera in the World

The Carrera brand is great in the world not just for professional cyclists who have gained victories with our racing bikes but also thanks to all Carrera men who contribute their work every day to spread the passion for this sport ,the Knowledge and the distinctiveness of a bike worthy of its fame. We present you the Carrera's dealers.

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Your road

We strongly believe in people, we believe in the passion that unites us, we wanted to find a space in which to tell you a little bit of us and especially to make you better acquainted with our problems, through the testimonies of those who have tried them. Follow us back often to visit us, enter our virtual club you will not regret it.

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2000 km/year

Cycling is subjectivity, it is a real personal interpretation and Carrera Phibra Evo is a very singular bike. It is a concept with non common shapes and design which makes Phibra Evo unique. The carbon structure is made by 3 different types of carbon fibers: HM50T, HS40, HS60T. Each type of carbon fiber has his own feature and for this reason they are used in those areas where that particular feature is required. In spite of the rear triangle stiffness because of the integrated rear drop out, I do think Phibra Evo is a very comfortable frame. You need to ride Phibra Evo for long long distance if you want to make the best out of this bike since short criterium can’t tell you much about this marvellous frame. In climb, there’s a unique balance between front and rear. The reaction is not too immediate but this is a benefit in terms of comfort. I’d say the bike is good for those riders who like to accelerate gradually. In other words, not a bike for pure sprinters but for those who are really able to distribute the sprint in climb over 20-30mt and not concentrated in a few meters. In descend Phibra Evo is a “toy”. Easy to drive and accurate during the hard braking before the curves. It was impressive in the changes of trajectory, for example at high speed in a double “S” curves. The bike follows your orders and keep the direction you want. Front and rear triangle work together and the wheels were always stuck on the ground. Especially the rear triangle seems to be one thing with the ground by absorbing the imperfection of the surface this fact make the ride in descend so smooth and relaxing. If I should give my suggestion, I’d say this is a frame for Granfondo. Long distance and pure pleasure to enjoy your beautiful bike but this doesn’t mean this is a bike for aged people in retirement! Phibra Evo is a high-tech product that can give you nice performance even in short races. I’d say it was born for a comfortable ride but just by changing the equipment (=wheelset), you can make a super fast machine out of this bike. We can call it, why not, a versatile bicycle.